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We went to Applebee’s tonight and Ava really hit it off with our waitress.

After she took our order Ava said to her, “What’s your name?  I think you’re really pretty.”  The waitress told her her name and said she was pretty, too.

As we were eating she came over and asked us if we needed anything and Ava said, “Yeah, can I borrow your pen?”  The waitress said, “Of course!” and handed it over.  She walked away for a bit and when she came back Ava said, “I wrote my phone number on this napkin for you to call me.  Here is your pen back.” 

The waitress smiled and laughed and said, “Well, thank you”

A while later (Ava is persistent) she came back to refill our drinks and Ava had my phone and was trying to take a picture of her, so I took it real quick and the waitress looked at me and said, “Ava, how about I take a picture with you?”  Ava was so excited she climbed under the table and the waitress picked her up and they posed for this photo.   She also told Ava what days she works so we can come back and visit.

We were all finished with dinner, and Ava had a dollar I had given her earlier and said, “Mommy, I want to leave my WHOLE dollar for her because she was really nice to us.”  So she wrote her name (Ava M.) and also the waitress’ name on the dollar and left it.  (We also left her $30 more just for being so sweet)   

Nights like tonight make me hopeful that no matter who my children choose to like, love, or flirt with, they will be treated sweetly and with compassion.

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